In the last decade, many surveys have pointed out an increase in Islamophobia and anti-Muslim attitudes in the Italian public opinion. In line with this, a survey on “Immigration and Insecurity” realized in September 2017 by the Research Institute Demos shows the 46% of interviewees “strongly agree and / or agree” with the statement that “Immigrants are a threat for public order and security”. Hence, it is important to highlight the fact that for a large part of the public the image of the “dangerous migrant” (or dangerous asylum seeker) is usually represented by the Muslim.

This vision of fear and hate consequently influences the behaviour of Italians towards members of the Islamic community by encouraging the spread of discriminatory attitudes and attacks, even among the
youngest. Starting from the assumption that discrimination against minorities is not in line with EU values and principles, the goal of “YES – Youth Empowerment Support for Muslim community” is to prevent
Islamophobia in Italy and Europe.

The proposal firstly foreseen the engagement of Young Community’s Leaders empowered as Master Equity Defender, in Milan and its neighbourhood; they are provided with skills, abilities and tools
necessary to recognize and to prevent Islamophobia in hate speech and discriminatory behaviours.

Secondly, they act as multipliers in engaging and training other peers and the affected communities to challenge Islamophobia in Europe. Finally, an informal Equity Defender network is established to sustain, by the years, a structured dialogue for tolerance and respect for diversity.

How to became an Equity Defender? We can support you through this course, giving you some instrument and tool.